EZ to Deploy even in a Storm, EZ to See-through, and EZ to Store

EZ Roll Down Hurricane Screens

Superior Strength – The largest FBC Span 24’

Independent Lab Tested for openings up to 24’6” @ 75 PSF for Design Pressure (approximately 186 MPH), and Over Pressures of 112.5 PSF, (approximately 212 MPH)

EZ Roll Down Quote

Superior Design – The Cleanest Look

One piece construction with reinforced webbing

Thick 2” reinforcing webbing eliminates screen failure from friction of support rails

Thermal Welded molecularly bonds reinforced screen around zipper

Additional 4 lines of sewing for additional strength

Super Heavy Duty Retention Rails

5/16 thick walls of the zipper channel stops walls from spreading and the shutter from slipping out

Extra large void in zipper channel allows clearance for hang free operations

Thick Screen Construction

Heavy 25 mil Polypropylene material with UV inhibitors built-in, which does not washout due to weather

2” Border on three sides in black or white

4 Screen colors: black, black/tan, white and white/tan

Control Options

Remote control, wall switch, manual override

Purchase Options

  • Ready to Install: Completely ready to install, no assembly
  • Assemble Yourself: Order track, screen and hood. Save about 30%

Hood assembly and hood components are the same as aluminum roll downs, except for the track.

Recommended Tubular Motors, Hoods, End Caps, and Components.

EZ Hurricane Screen Colors

4 Fabric Colors

  • Black
  • Brown – Black/Tan
  • White
  • White/Tan

Edging – Webbing Colors

  • Black
  • White
  • Hurricane Screen Color Samples